About Us


SlayneConsulting was founded in 2018 by Martin A. Slayne, PhD., to support and enable your business success, with strategic solutions on scientific, regulatory, risk analysis, food safety, health and innovation opportunities

Broad experience and creativity over thirty years in food, agriculture and consumer products.  Leading global industry strategy and execution for Fortune 500 companies (PepsiCo, Kraft/ Mondelez International, The Hershey Company), close working relationships with US Government regulators, enabling relationships with international regulators on standards and compliance, and key influencer for Codex strategy and advocacy.

Prior Government leadership on food policy and food safety, animal feed and veterinary science, for the European Commission, UK Food Standards Agency and Ministry (MAFF), and globally at Codex.  PhD in microbiology, and a solid scientific research background.  Bridging the science and the business need.  

SlayneConsulting provides strategic solutions on scientific and regulatory matters, including organizational models, ingredient and product safety, health and consumer expectations, enabling innovation and speed to market, and communications both within your organization, and with external stakeholders and authorities.  With robust experience leading and listening across diverse cultures and sectors, a global network, insightful on complex domestic and international landscapes. We look forward to working with you, understanding your needs, providing strategic support and workable solutions.